Getting tough on bad movers

Getting tough on bad movers

Cracking down on bad movers – firms who try to overcharge you or damage your furniture – is something that takes place more often than most people might think.  It is happening at the moment in Pennsylvania, where authorities are taking action.

The movers in question believed that they were about to take part in a standard moving job; however, they actually found themselves being busted for operating without any form of official license required in the state. Citations and fines from the Public Utility Commission are issued to any company found to be operating sans one of these licenses.

Illegal moving companies are actually a big problem, as Lori Olson found out.  She thought she had got a great deal with a fabulous quote from one firm, but the firm ended up damaging a 1,100-year-old bedroom set that had belonged to her great-grandparents and then tried to triple the estimate and refused to give her her furniture back until she paid up.  “They’re horrible to people,” she says.  “They shouldn’t be allowed to do what they’re doing.  They are not proper business.  They are not good business.”

It is extremely important to make sure that when you move you choose a moving company that is reputable and licensed.  Be sure to choose one with a proven track record for quality and great customer service earned over many years.  Do not make the mistake Lori Olson did.