Getting Your Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Getting Your Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning


Well, it is finally time for spring-cleaning, but how do you get your kids to help?  Maybe you are moving and want to clean up the house for possible sale.  Perhaps you just want to declutter the house and find good storage solutions.  It doesn’t matter – getting the kids to help can be a chore in and of itself.  Here are some ideas to make it a little more appealing for your brood.

Money Talks, Mom

What kids don’t want to earn a little extra money?  For the younger kids, let them know that there may actually be loose change hidden in those couch crevices, storage bins, and dresser drawers.  What they find, they keep!  For your older children, why not offer them a bit of an allowance for the chore?

Make Some Art


Incorporate fun arts and crafts projects into your spring-cleaning chores.  Use old wire hangers, leftover wrapping paper, and even toilet paper rolls to make holiday ornaments, greeting cards, and other forms of art.  Get creative while you clean!  This will definitely get the junk moved out of that closet in the hall.

Sort Some Games


Part of cleaning house, especially when you are getting ready to move, is to sort through all of the junk.  You can get the kids to help with this by letting them learn their letters and put things such as books, spices, and magazines into alphabetical order.  Have them group similar things together as well so you can get rid of duplicates.

Katie Steil