Got The Family Moving Blues?

Got The Family Moving Blues?

Sad Child Anxious Moving can be a difficult time for the whole family.  Common feelings associated with relocation might include fear, depression, and anxiety in addition to the excitement that comes with it.  But, the most common is that uncertain feeling about what the new home and neighborhood will be like.  There are a number of ways you can prepare your family for relocation.

When you relocate, even if you have a great new job with an increased salary, there will always be a little apprehension. After all, you are uprooting the family and going to a new place.  It is important to acknowledge the feelings of loss from the move and the anxiety.  If you don’t you won’t be able to beat the family moving blues.

One way of looking at it is that while you may miss the life you are leaving behind, remember that change can often be for the better.  Remember, moving doesn’t mean losing your friends – you can always visit and keep in touch.  If you are moving across town, be sure to arrange play dates for the kids.

Just remember to keep the roads of communication wide open and listen to your children.  Keep in mind that if you are feeling apprehensive about the move, chances are they are too.  Sit down, discuss the possibilities, and let them know it is okay to feel sad, but to look on the bright side; you are opening a new chapter to the rest of your lives.

– Jon Huser