Great American is growing the mid-west team

Great American is growing the mid-west team

Great American Group has become quite the company in recent months.  It is growing with an alacrity that has created a need for a new and larger office space.  An office move is on the horizon for the group into a new Chicago office building.

This business relocation is a great move for the company.  It has seen so much growth in personnel that it has also helped the economy by providing more jobs.  The CEO stated that the new expansion would help with customer service.  In other words, it is looking to ensure that when it grows it will not leave the most important aspect of successful business behind.  The company intends on hiring more professionals for its customer service section.

Great American has plenty of mid-west clients.  This is why it cannot disappoint its customers, even with an expansion into a new building.  This office move is a smart way to go, especially since it is keeping its old telephone numbers and all email addresses.  All employees currently with the company will also be moving to the new offices.  This means consumers can still work with their favorite person in the company.

Overall it is a good move for Great American Group. Chicago is happy that the company has chosen to stay in its midst, even with a slight move to a downtown location.  For those looking for jobs in associate positions, these will also be available.

Lance Grooms