Great American Smokeout Day

Great American Smokeout Day

Great American Smokeout Day takes place every year on the third Thursday in November.  In 2012, Great Smokeout Day takes place on 15th November.

Great American Smokeout Day is the day on which people are encouraged to finally kick the habit.  As the name suggests, the aim of the day is perfectly obvious – to persuade people to give up smoking. This results in them having less problems with their health and less deaths from emphysema and cancer, which are caused by exposure to smoking, either directly or secondary smoke.

It is not an easy task to give up smoking.  For the great majority of people, giving up smoking will actually take several attempts before they finally achieve success.  This is to be expected and should not discourage anyone if they do not achieve success straight away; all that matters is that they keep trying until they do.  The benefits to people’s health, and the obvious incentive of a longer lifespan as a result of giving up smoking, speak for themselves.

Great American Smokeout Day is promoted by the American Cancer Society, which created it a quarter of a century ago – back in 1977 – as a way to give further encouragement and incentive to smokers to quit the habit on this day.  If you smoke, consider joining millions of other Americans in deciding to use Great American Smokeout Day as the first step in your journey to a longer, healthier and happier life.