Have you Heard of the Worst Foreclosure Vandalism Ever?

Have you Heard of the Worst Foreclosure Vandalism Ever?

As you probably know, foreclosures aren’t always in tip-top condition when you buy them or move in, but that’s to be expected.  However, what you probably don’t expect is complete and total mayhem when you walk through the door of a foreclosed property.

Well, that’s exactly what the realtor experienced in Huntington Beach, California earlier this year.  The home, managed by Pacific Moon Real Estate, was perhaps the victim of the worse foreclosure vandalism ever.

The 3,000 square foot home, owned by the bank, was covered in mold, rotting wet clothes, and the drains were severely damaged.  In fact, the wet clothes caused the second floor to cave in and the drains were filled with cement and chemicals.  To say that this home was not move-in ready is an understatement!

In the industry, they call this type of vandalism “malicious” and we can see why.  Some vandals have caused millions of dollars worth of damage, which has prevented banks from selling the home or allowing anyone to move in right away.

So what else happened at the Huntington Beach Home?  Whoever caused the damage left the water running in one of the bathtubs, probably in hopes of flooding the house.  There are no leads but there is an investigation.

Before you move, you should always get a professional inspection done.  This will give you an idea of any damage that may be lurking behind the walls and under the carpets.

Jon Huser