Helping Kids Adjust to an International Move

Helping Kids Adjust to an International Move

A long distance move can be a daunting task, especially for families with kids.  As a parent planning an international move you may often feel like you just don’t have all the answers.  Here are a few helpful tips that can make relocation to a foreign country easier on you and your children.

Talk About It

Sounds obvious, but in the frenzy surrounding an international move it can be easy to leave kids in the dark.  They may be confused and scared, so make it a priority to discuss what’s going on.  Let your kids ask questions, express their concerns, and provide answers as best you can.

What about My Friends?

Older kids are going to be most concerned with leaving their friends behind.  Make goodbyes easier by having your kids collect addresses and email from their friends.  You might even want to invest in a webcam so your kids can video chat with friends once you move.

School Woes

Try to familiarize your kids with the language before you move, and look to enroll them in international schools.  These institutions follow an American or British curriculum, and kids from all over the world attend.  For very young children, local schools are a great way to immerse them in their new language and culture.  There are many great foreign language software providers out there if you are not interested in a tutoring program. 

It’ll be Alright

Kids are really adaptable.  Chances are they’ll forget most of their fears after just a few weeks.  If you keep them involved with the move and talk to them openly about what’s to come, your international relocation will be much smoother.

-Lance Grooms