Helping Your Kids Fit In After a Move

Helping Your Kids Fit In After a Move

As a parent, you know that relocating with the kids can be tough – what kid wants to pack it up and leave their friends, their school, and the things that they know? It is your job to not only make the move as smooth as possible, but to also help the kids get to know their new neighborhood and deal with any unease. You can help with this transition even before the movers arrive at your door.

Special Surprises
Moving is tough on the whole family, so why not take this opportunity to make your kids feel special. You might ask your realtor to hide some special gifts in your children’s new rooms so that they find them upon arrival. Who wouldn’t want to find something special after moving away from everything they know?

Talk to the Teachers
You already know moving is going to be hard on the kids, so meet with their teachers before they start school. Let them know what your children are interested in and if they might be able to pair the kids up with others with similar interests. Ask for recommendations on how to make the transition easier.

Help Them Meet Other Kids
For parent with smaller kids, it might be more difficult to get them out there. A good trick is to spend as much time outside as possible, so that you see other kids. If you notice a child going into a home, why not knock on the door and introduce yourself?

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