Helping Your Kids through a Move

Helping Your Kids through a Move

Children Packing MovingWhen you tell your kids that the whole family is getting ready to move, get ready for some whining, door slamming, and crying.  Chances are, the kids won’t want to say goodbye to their friends, school, and bedrooms.  Whether it is a long distance move or simply across town, children can be affected by relocation more than you know.

Making the transition to the new home can take months and months.  It can actually turn into a slightly traumatic experience for the whole family.  While your children may seem quite happy on the outside, they may be struggling to adapt on the inside.  So, helping your kids through a move can be quite a challenge but once you know what your kids are dealing with during the move, you can help to smooth over the transition.

The best way to help your kids throughout relocation is to simply pay attention.  This sounds simply, but moving takes up a lot of time; packing, checking storage solutions, and coordinating your new life.  However, if you don’t pay attention to your kids they may end up bottling up anxiety that affects them later in life.

If you have smaller children, it is important to address their fears.  Let them know that they will still have the same family, the same pet, and all of their stuff.  Just in a new place!  Communication is a vital aspect of dealing with kids, no matter what their age.  So keep the lines of communication open for the duration of the move.

– Lance Grooms