Hidden details when moving an office

Hidden details when moving an office

Moving an office can be a highly complex undertaking.  Depending on how large your business is, you could be moving IT, telecom and furniture, not to mention dozens, if not hundreds, of employees.  It is therefore only too easy to overlook some of the smaller details when faced with such a complex relocation, but these small details can be crucial and their importance should not be underestimated.

One of the most crucial small details concerns your mail.  You should not forget to inform the post office about your move; while this might sound simple, you would be amazed at how many office managers do actually forget this smallest but most vital of details.

Another thing that you should not forget is to send change of address notifications to all of your service providers.  Businesses rarely forget to inform their customers of their upcoming shift, but what about providers such as your printer supplier, your paper supplier and your bank?

It is also important update your business forms and be certain that the letterhead has been changed to reflect the new address of your office on other stationery such as business cards and envelopes.

Employee briefing is also very important when it comes to moving.  Unless the move is a minor one, such as relocating to an office further down the same street, an information pack should be made up for employees regarding the new space,  This should inform them of details such as parking, nearby restaurants and drug stores.

Jon Huser