High Heat Moving to the Midwest

Those of you who are considering moving to the Midwest may want to think about taking precautions against the high heat and humidity in the region after record hot weather this summer. This is especially true if you are planning your relocation to the Midwest but are not used to high temperatures and even higher humidity!

This coming week, high temperatures are expected to move into the Midwest and really give the region a something of a shock.  The heat indexes in dozens of Midwestern cities are expected to hit dangerous levels. This incredible heat wave is expected to last through much of the week and then make its way up the I-95 corridor.

There are excessive heat warning for Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and both Dakotas.  Weather forecasters are saying that the heat indexes might meet or even exceed 115 degrees!

It will likely be the most significant heat wave the area has seen in the last 5 or so years, so we want to remind you that if you’ve chosen next week to move and you can’t change plans – take extra caution!  Make sure that you have plenty of cold water to drink and dress appropriately in comfortable shoes, short-sleeved shirts, and shorts.  Make sure that your moving truck has air conditioning.

Take it slow next week!  If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, make sure that you have plenty of ventilation and the fans turned on.  If you are planning to relocate temporarily to the Midwest, make sure that you label the box containing your sunscreen!

Jon Huser