Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company

We know that hiring a moving company can seem a little stressful and overwhelming.  With so many options out there, how do you even start?  Just follow these simple tips and suggestions, and we promise hiring the movers will be a snap for your next relocation!


Before you choose any single moving company, do your homework.  Check out between 5 and 10 movers before making a call.  Do a search online to find out more about their history, look for customer complaints, and find company ratings.  It is also good to be able to understand the qualities of an unscrupulous moving company in order to avoid them.  It’s a good idea to receive 3 written quotes before choosing your mover.

Ask Questions

Before you have any movers come to your home to see what they will have to move, it is a good idea to do a telephone interview.  Don’t be afraid to ask the moving company plenty of questions.  Depending on their answers, you can narrow your choices down.  You’ll also want to ask about extra fees when on the phone.  Some moving companies offer ballpark estimates online!

Consider the Estimates

 With some moving companies, estimates can be a little confusing.  Some will offer binding estimates while others will offer non-binding.  When you do your phone interview, find out which type of estimate the company provides, and be careful about being lured by a low-ball estimate. One may be better suited for you, and always remember to have the moving company do an on-site walk through.

Finding a moving company for your next relocation shouldn’t be a difficult task.  Once you know what you’re getting into, hiring a moving company actually becomes quite easy.

-Jon Huser