Home Improvement Projects Under $10

Home Improvement Projects Under $10

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to break the bank.  If you have just moved into a new home or simply want to freshen up the house you’ve lived in for a while, there are plenty of home improvements you can make that won’t break the bank.

Simple touches throughout your home can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your home.  If you are hoping to stage your home because you want to sell it and move out, keep reading.  Here are a few inexpensive home improvements (all under $10) that can update your home, no matter what your budget is.

1.  Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is a great way to change the look of your home without spending a dime. Is your living room too cramped? Move some stuff around.

2.  Rearrange Bookshelf

Just like moving your furniture around, rearranging the bookshelf can give a whole new look to the room.  Think about your books as you would a landscape of rolling hills with larger books in the center.

3.  New Switch Plates

A little touch of color can liven up any space.  Invest a few dollars in decorative switch plates or get crafty and decoupage the plain white ones.

4.  Fresh Flowers

Most fresh flowers aren’t expensive and a vase filled with them can breathe new life into any room.  This is especially true throughout the winter.

5.  De-Clutter

Clutter in any room can make it look small and ugly.  De-clutter by getting rid of stuff you no longer use.  Consider investing in a few decorative boxes to hide odds and ends.

Jon Huser