House Not Moving on After All

House Not Moving on After All

Do you watch a lot of television? Even if you don’t, chances are you’ve heard of the popular television series “House” about the crotchety doctor of the same name that always seems to figure out the problem. Wouldn’t you like your doctor to be as savvy?

Well, there was word on the street that “House” may have been moving on to greener pastures. In other words, we weren’t sure that the show might not return for an eighth season. After much discussion and negotiating, the show’s network (Fox) has finally struck a deal. The show will be back for season number 8 with all of its characters in place.

Many viewers unfamiliar with the show may think that “House” is all about home improvements, storage solutions, and moving to a bigger and better residence. But nothing could be further from the truth! The medical drama stars Hugh Laurie as the namesake of the show – Dr. Gregory House – at a fictional teaching hospital in New Jersey. The show’s school and hospital is known as PPTH – Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Speaking of New Jersey, the state has some really fantastic colleges and medical schools if you’re thinking of relocating to the northeast to pursue an education in medicine or a medical career. Take a hint from the show – you might consider Princeton. If not, just suspend your disbelief and enjoy another season of “House.”

Jon Huser