How Many Millionaires Live in Los Alamos?

How Many Millionaires Live in Los Alamos?

Are you a millionaire? If not, have you been wondering how many millionaires live in the city of Los Alamos, New Mexico?  Well, truth be told, you might not really have spent much time wondering about how many millionaire households there are in New Mexico – not unless you are getting ready to move there.

If you really want to know, we can tell you!  If you move to Los Alamos, you may be interested to know that there are about 885 millionaire households in Los Alamos. The metropolitan population of the town is just under 18,000 and that means the concentration of millionaire is at almost 12%.  Of the 885 households that make millionaire status, about 126 of them are households with at least $5 million in investible assets.

Knowing these statistics may or may not influence your decision to move to the Los Alamos area, but it doesn’t have to. The area is great, no matter how much money you have. In fact, the median household income of the entire region is about $91,741, which means that not everyone is crazy rich!

So, why are there so many millionaires in Los Alamos, anyway? Well, it probably has something to do with the National Laboratory. Without that, the city might just be another sleepy little town in the middle of the New Mexican desert. The facility actually employs a good number of the country’s top chemists, physicists and engineers, and is the lab that launched the Manhattan Project. Over the years since 1943, many of these scientists have moved to the area and have pulled hefty paychecks.

Lance Grooms