How Portable Storage Containers Make for Earth-Friendly Moves

How Portable Storage Containers Make for Earth-Friendly Moves

In most cases, a traditional move will produce a lot of waste.  Just think about it – most people just don’t think about recycling all of their moving materials after they’ve completed the relocation process.  Take a look around your house and imagine the amount of packaging you’ll need just to pack up and move.  What kind of impact does this have on the environment?

Because conserving the environment has become such a priority for so many of us, there are plenty of moving companies out there that offer “green” moves – those relocations that produce less waste than their traditional counterparts.  But, green moving companies aren’t located in all areas, so some people don’t have much of a choice.

If you are moving and want to do it in an environmentally sound manner, consider using a portable storage container for your next relocation.  Such containers are available from self or full-service moving companies.  Taking this route is usually a good choice if a green moving company isn’t available to you.With a portable storage unit, your move is in your control.  You can use the types of packing materials you want – and recycle them properly when you are finished.  If you want to avoid using cardboard moving boxes altogether, consider renting reusable packing containers.  If that isn’t an option, find used boxes and then recycle them later.

Just remember, if you want to make your move as earth-friendly as possible, rent your own portable storage container and pack it up yourself.  Then, just schedule the moving company to come and pick up the container for transport to your new home. It’s as easy as that!

Jon Huser