How Self-Storage Works with Home Pick-Up

How Self-Storage Works with Home Pick-Up

There are many different levels of self-storage and full-storage to choose from when you are moving or just need a little more space in your house. If you don’t have the time or inclination to pack up your stuff and move it to the storage facility yourself, there are companies that offer home pick-up options.

As you search for a storage or moving company that offers home pick-up options, here are some things to mention during your initial conversations:

  • Does the company service your area?
  • Can they provide an accurate estimation of how many containers you might need for storage?
  • Can they work with your schedule for home pick-up?
  • What kind of packing supplies do they provide and what are the associated fees?

The Right Company

The best full-service storage company will always provide a guarantee and estimate in writing.  Remember, a moving or storage company that is dealing with home delivery and pick-up is handling many of your storage, and possibly relocation, logistics. Read reviews and check references.

Delivery Areas

Most storage companies with home pick-up actually work within a fifty-mile radius, give or take. If the company happens to be picking up your stuff for storage at one location and will deliver it to another, do be sure to ask if they can deliver it to your new home.  If not, see what it would take to ship your goods to your new place.

Jon Huser