How to Help Keep Seniors at Home, Prevent Accidents

How to Help Keep Seniors at Home, Prevent Accidents

Do you know why most seniors end up moving into an assisted living facility?  Believe it or not, it is the bathtub.

Simply put, the bathtub is a dangerous device when it comes to seniors living alone.  Sure, you can hire someone to go and clean your elderly parents’ home.  Of course you can have their food delivered.  But if they don’t have live-in help, what happens if they slip and fall when getting in or out of the bathtub?

Before moving into a nursing home, many elderly people have experienced a fall – usually in the bathroom – from which they could not get up themselves.  Other seniors have burned themselves in the shower while others simply can’t care for themselves as well anymore.  But, there is a way to keep seniors at home a little longer rather than making them move into an old folks’ home.

Get a seat for the bathtub or shower.  And no, we are not talking about a folding plastic chair to make shaving your legs a little easier!  Today there is a variety of shower chairs designed for seniors – some swivel to help them get out of the tub while others support them throughout the bathing process.  You can also install a shower grip rail to help dad or mom get in and out of the tub while reducing the likelihood that he or she will slip.

All you really need to do is check out your local home improvement store to see what changes you can make in your favorite senior’s bathroom.  If all it takes is a small repair to keep someone from having to move into an assisted living facility, why not make that investment?

Jon Huser