How to make military housing feel like home

How to make military housing feel like home

Military housing could well be a standard feature of your life if your spouse is a member of the military, which often results in having to move on a fairly frequent basis.

This can be pretty tough on families, as it can sometimes seem as if they are never really at home, wherever they go, because of the constant relocation; however, regardless of how often you move, it is important to make the effort to ensure that every new place that you live in feels as if it is home.  There are a number of methods to ensure that this is the case.

One way to make military housing feel as if it is really home is to not think of it as being temporary.  Every now and then make use of your special dishes and make sure that the wall features family photographs and examples of your favorite works of art.  As long as it is allowed, you might also want to paint the walls whatever color you prefer.  Above all, do your best not to think or talk about the fact that you might have to move again very soon.

One other way to make yourself feel as though you are at home, even if it may end up being temporary, is to have some kind of a garden.  You may not be allowed to actually dig in a yard in military housing, but you could have a patio garden in containers.

Rick Wozniak