How to make military moving easier

How to make military moving easier

Moving your family and personal possessions is a part of life encountered by every family in the military.  Regardless of how overjoyed or otherwise you may feel about the move, the good news is that there are things that can be done prior to the relocation that can make the entire experience easier and better for all concerned.

Once you have your orders, it is a very good idea to contact your sponsor and your new command.  A sponsor will be assigned to you via your new command once the orders have been confirmed; if you have not been contacted by a sponsor after a reasonable period of time then contact your new command to find someone who will be able to assist with your move.

If your new command has its own website, it is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with its contents.  This could provide invaluable information with regards to your decision process, such as saving you the hassle of moving items that may not be able to be used at the new duty station to which you are heading.

If you are moving to a remote location or to a foreign country then a sponsor is particularly important.  As well as considerations about your host nation, your sponsor should also be able to fill you in regarding some of the nuances about your new home that may not be immediately obvious.