How to move with the elderly

How to move with the elderly

Moving to a new house is often a very detailed, difficult and lengthy process, particularly for elderly people who have restrictions on the physical activity.  Because their endurance levels have fallen and they are no longer able to lift heavier items because of concerns about their health, it is crucial to take into account elderly family members to make sure that they are stress free during the relocation.

The first step to moving to a new house with elderly people is to hold a family meeting with everyone involved in order to discuss the move, the destination, and the date that the shift will take place.  You should be willing to listen to any and all questions posed by family members, and never lose your patience with anyone.  A list of small tasks that all members need to be involved in should be created in order to ensure that elderly members of the family feel involved but not singled out.

You also need to be there for elderly family members.  Be compassionate and supportive, and recognize that they are doing their best to assist you.  While you can help them with packing, it is best to do so only if asked so as to avoid making them feel inadequate.

If one of the elder members of your family has difficulty going up stairs, you should arrange for a stair lift to be installed in your new home before the move.

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