How to pack your glasses for your move

How to pack your glasses for your move

Glasses are, of course, very fragile, which means that if you are moving they will need to be packed extremely securely in order for them to not break during transport.  The materials we suggest you need to pack glasses for a move include a medium-sized moving box, tissue paper, bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper, packing tape, tissue paper, a marker pen and, of course, the glasses themselves.

The first thing we recommend you do is set up a workstation in order to make it easier for you to be able to pack your glasses.  Use a countertop or a big table to set out your glasses and the rest of the equipment.

Prior to the commencement of packing, you should use either a couple of thick towels or a large sheet of bubble wrap to line the inside of the box in which the glasses will make their relocation.  This should cover the whole interior of the box and actually hang over the sides.  The next step we recommend is to add a layer of either packing paper or crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the box for the purpose of extra cushioning.

In order to pack glasses, you should start by putting one glass close to the corner of the packing paper.  Take two sheets and loosely fold the paper over the glass while rolling it across the paper.  You should tuck in the edges while doing this in order to concentrate the paper all around the glass, and then place the glass in the box upside down.