HR Guide to Moving Office

HR Guide to Moving Office

As you prepare to relocate your business, it may be time that you consider the impact the move will have on your staff retention and overall employee morale.  It really all comes down to how you handle everything.  A streamlined, well-organized office move should not affect things too drastically, but the opposite can have a devastating effect.

A commercial relocation can be an exciting time, especially if it marks a big upward move for the business as a whole.  Moving the office means a world of new opportunities and the sense of starting fresh in a new place, both literally and figuratively.  But while the company move may be necessary to daily operations, the effect it has on your staff will actually also be personal.

The key to a good office move is clear and consistent communication with the staff.  Ask what they think and get plenty of feedback.  Make the staff feel as though they have a say in some of the decisions.  After all, the entire relocation will have implications for the staff – think about what changes might ensue for their daily commute, local amenities for meals and other errands, and a general work environment.

Handling your employees during an office move can do wonders for their morale and your production.  Here’s how your HR department can help you along the way:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Management changes
  • Communication
  • Identify and promote positives and negatives
  • Involving the staff
  • Additional training
  • Getting and sharing feedback

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