Improved Personal Property Move System for Military

Improved Personal Property Move System for Military

New schemes will make military moves easierAnyone in the military knows just how important it is to be organized – and this definitely goes for any military move.  While many military families relocate with the help of the military, others choose to do it on their own.  Up until recently the system used to compensate service members that moved their household goods personally wasn’t as good as it could be.

Last year, the military launched the improved system and it has been much appreciated by military families moving ever since.  The system deals specially with Personally Procured Moves, or PPM.  These types of moves give service members and their families a choice when it comes to the relocation – do they want to move some or all of their personal property on their own?

Working with your local transportation office, military service members can decide what is best for them at the time of relocation.  The system will actually provide an incentive for military personnel who choose to move some or all of their personal property on their own.  It is worth mentioning that the new PPM system replaces the old DITY moves (Do it Yourself).

The new PPM moving system will calculate reimbursement amounts using the best value method and moves will be categorized as follows:

  • Reimbursement will be 95% of the best value of what the government would pay to move the goods.
  • Actual Cost Reimbursement will not exceed the best value of the move and will always be pre-approved when special or fragile items are involved.
  • If a government-furnished moving service is not available, service members will receive the actual cost.

– Lance Grooms