International Moving: How To Clear Customs

It would be difficult for one not to feel as though they’re stuck in a maze while attempting an international relocation, through the unfamiliar hurdles that comprise the clearing of customs. These include confusing processes and extensive documentation. Although a quality moving company will help to guide you through without hassle and prepare you for what to expect once you enter the country that is to become your new home.

These days, most moving companies will hire an international moving coordinator whose job it is to guide you through all of the red tape now associated with clearing customs, which has become increasingly more difficult due to heightened security measures. You will need to touch base with your coordinator once you arrive in your new home, as failure to do so can easily result in additional costs for storage or delays in clearing through customs. Port rent or ‘demurrage’ is an additional expense that is incurred if a shipment is not cleared in time. Airports also levy penalties if shipments are delayed.

You mustn’t forget that every country will have its own list of restricted items. Your coordinator should provide you with documents that will contain this information so there will be no unexpected surprises once you disembark in your new country. Ensure you pack your household items in accordance with this to avoid problems.

You can also now be provided with satellite tracking of your shipment throughout its itinerary. The long and very cold arm of technology has now made a long distance move a smooth, state-of-the-art journey with few complications.

– Jon Huser