International Talk like A Pirate Day

International Talk like A Pirate Day

International Talk like a Pirate Day takes place on 19th September each year.  The day is meant to be just a bit of harmless fun and a chance for each of us to let the pirate inside us come and out and have a play!

To enjoy this day to the fullest, you should spend the days leading up to it practicing your best ‘pirate speak’ in anticipation of the actual event.  Talking like a pirate all day certainly guarantees that almost no conversation you engage in on 19th September could ever be at all dull, and you really do not want to be the only one not joining in the fun.  Everyone is likely to be talking the talk, if probably not walking the walk, and while it is not necessary to dress like a pirate today, you will certainly feel rather left out if you do not talk like one.

The concept of International Talk like a Pirate Day was created on 6th June 1995 by John Baur and Mark Summers.  While engaged in a friendly game of racquetball, they started to talk to one another using pirate speak’ and upon leaving the court, came up with the idea of creating a day where everyone could do exactly the same!

The decision to make International Talk like a Pirate Day 19th September was taken, after much thought, by Mark Summers, due to the fact that it was his wife’s birthday and thus easy for him to remember.

Jon Huser