Iraq conditions deteriorate with increased violence

Iraq conditions deteriorate with increased violence

The powers that wish to keep Iraq as it has been and keep democracy out are reasserting their feelings again.  The US military moved out of Iraq as per the agreement, yet violence is surging again with al-Qaeda in the driver’s seat.  They staged an attack in June killing 234 people.  June was the second deadliest month since the US military moved out last December.

As July starts, there is definite concern about Iraq being able to keep the peace and protect the innocent citizens who continue to be caught in the aftermath of the destruction.  The hope was to form a democracy in which people could vote and find fairness in their life, but there are targets by other powers that wish to keep the dictatorship.

Political issues are continuing to create issues in Iraq to the point that there is worry as to whether al-Qaeda is gaining strength again.  There are those who do not believe they are, but when you have terrorist attacks killing hundreds of citizens it is hard not to think that they have some ultimate aim.

The US military had to relocate due to failed negotiations to remain past 2011.  Iraq, as in the powers that can keep democracy, needs to show its military standing rather than depending on the military relocating again to Iraq, but it may not happen.  The US, if attacked due to factions in Iraq or al-Qaeda members, will again seek to stamp out the troublemakers.

Jon Huser