IRS offers YouTube video to help with taxes

IRS offers YouTube video to help with taxes

Tax returns must be filed by 17th April.  Today is the very last day one can file taxes without an extension.  With the 15th being on a Sunday, it automatically provided everyone with two extra days to get his or her taxes in.  The YouTube video has offered last minute advice to filers, such as how to meet the Tuesday night filing deadline.  Of course, you could already be well past that mark as you read this, but the tips can be helpful in more ways than one.  No matter when you learn about tax tips, you can make certain that the filing next year goes more smoothly.

The video is about more than just getting the taxes in on time.  It is also about the last minute options you have in the event that you cannot get your taxes done on time.  The video goes through how to file electronically past the deadline, such as the IRS free file program and getting an extension.  There are many possibilities, including what to do if there is money due and that is the reason for holding off.

Any time that there is money due, you can send the form in and wait for the IRS to send out a payment plan option.  The video has been viewed more than 3.1 million times since its first edition was released in 2009.  It has also undergone revisions in the last couple of years to include any new IRS changes.

Extensions can be filed with the online program from the IRS.  The extension, in case you have already had your accountant file one, will last for six months.  During that time you need to make certain that you get your taxes in and do not miss the new six-month deadline.  If you are in the military you also have 180 days after you leave the combat zone to file and pay taxes.  For those who are overseas during April 15th to the 17th, they can always come back to file their taxes when the tour is over.  This helps the military servicemen and servicewomen to not worry about taxes when they are overseas and have no one back home that can get their documents filled out and sent overseas to sign.

Taxes are certainly a time that everyone dreads and now that today is the 17th, there is a lot of concern for those who have yet to get preparations complete.  The good news is that with an extension you can wait to file your taxes, but you definitely want to do it as quick as you can.  By completing the forms quickly you can find out if you have money coming back and get that potential move planned.  Anyone who is planning on moving this year can also benefit if it is work related and over 50 miles away, since this will provide a tax deduction for next year.  Any relocation based on work can be a deduction if it is far enough.

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