Is Your Company Moving?

Is Your Company Moving?

Many believe that business relocation can be even more stressful than relocating a household and in some instances, this is true. Despite the fact that with an office move you are usually following the guidelines established by the corporation, and the preparation period leading up to the move is usually reasonably extensive, the whole affair can still be disruptive to working hours.

You may have hated the particular corner you’ve been sitting in for the past five years, but moving to a new office may mean sitting with new people and setting up at a completely new desk space. The potential end result? A whole lot of extra headaches and aggravation.

Since companies are about making money, the major goal of any office move is to be both cost and time-efficient. Knowing your new location inside out will ultimately save a great deal of time and money. A floor plan will help everyone decide whether those old desks, chairs and filing cabinets will fit or whether its time for a complete overhaul.

Your moving company’s effectiveness will be determined by how well organized everything is, so make sure everything is pre packed and nothing is left to the last minute. This will also reduce stress for both the movers and your fellow employees. The less questions asked on moving day, the smoother the process can happen. Another important factor to remember is that the more you throw away, the less you will have to move. Office desks can become ideal spaces for hoarding, so perhaps it’s time for a clear out.

-Jon Huser