Is Your Dream Home Just 400-Square Feet?

Is Your Dream Home Just 400-Square Feet?

Most people have a certain idea in mind when it comes to their dream home. Perhaps you want to move into a mansion overlooking the sea. Or perhaps you’d rather move into a log cabin in the woods. It doesn’t really matter – it is your dream home, after all.

However, there is a new trend in dream houses. The next big thing happens to be quite small – about 400-square feet small. While this might not be a dream home for many people, anyone who wants to downsize or move into a small home might be happy with this size.

Many people are trying to live pretty small these days. It can save a significant amount of money on the upkeep of your home and utilities. But are you up for the challenges that come with living in a teeny-tiny house?

The Birth of the Micro-Home

You could call it a ‘micro-home’. You could say it is an offshoot of the anti-McMansion trend we saw over the past couple of years. And it is growing in popularity. Consider these recent trends:

  • A company called Tiny House sells 400-square-foot log cabins complete with a porch for less than $40,000.
  • A Phoenix-based company called v2world offers stackable steel-frame modules. The modules are 448 square feet and you can connect as many as you’d like.

The prices of these tiny homes can vary – ranging from $20,000 to up to $50,000. It really depends on what you want. Just remember that even the tiniest of tiny homes usually still have the spaces that cost the most money per square foot. What are those areas? The bathroom and kitchen, of course!

The Advantages of a Tiny Home

Even if you hadn’t thought of moving into a tiny home before reading this post, we must remind you that the notion is hardly a new idea. Ever read Henry David Thoreau? The author of Walden lived in a 648-square-foot, 18’ x 18’ box while waiting for his Monticello to be built.

Here are some of the advantages of living in a tiny house:

  • More time and money. Moving into a smaller home might afford you more time for what you love to do. Less expensive spaces allow you to spend money on things you like – vacations, hobbies, and other things.
  • Less clutter. For obvious reasons, living in a tiny house will help you get rid of the clutter – by necessity. You simply won’t have the space to fill up your house with clutter.
  • Less cleaning. A smaller house will inevitably be easier to clean.

So, whether you are ready to move into a teeny-tiny house or not, at least you know that it’s nothing new. How big is your house? Are you looking to downsize?

Lance Grooms