Is Your House Weatherproof or Alien-Proof?

Is Your House Weatherproof or Alien-Proof?

It seems today as if we need to worry more and more about the weather. There are massive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes tearing through and experts are blaming it all on global warming. So, if you are thinking of moving to a region that is prone to natural disasters, you might want to think again. Or not – it’s entirely up to you!

With such drastic weather evens occurring on a fairly regular basis, many people are starting to wonder if the end of the world is near. Others have more outlandish ideas – aliens! While we’re not predicting an alien invasion, or the end of the world anytime soon, we do want to share with you another odd house. (And by the looks of it, aliens might actually want to move in!)

The Domeshell is a house that looks much like a spaceship and hails from Australia. The structure is made of polyurethane foam, which is sandwiched between concrete walls reinforced by glass-fiber. Sounds like this house might actually be pretty weatherproof. Are you ready to move in?

Such a house requires less building materials than traditional homes, but it is actually stronger and much more energy-efficient. In fact, these houses were built with crazy weather in mind. The structures are built to withstand the strongest cyclones, huge hail, floods, fires, and extreme temperatures.

The modular homes can be expanded upon to allow for more bathrooms, bedrooms, and living space. So, if you have a large family, get a couple of extra modules and move right in.

Jon Huser