Items You’ll Probably Forget on Moving Day

Items You’ll Probably Forget on Moving Day

No matter how many times you’ve gone through a household move, there’s always a chance that some detail will fall through the cracks.  Here are ten things you should make special note of on your move day list:

1.  Hidden Valuables

Jewelry, important papers, and heirloom items that you’ve tucked away over the years should be packed specially and carried with you.

2.  Pick Up and Return

Take a day before your move to collect clothes from the cleaners, return library books and movie rentals, and make sure all of your stuff finds its way home or back to its original owner.

3.  Your New Address and Phone Number

You won’t be too familiar with them yet, but you’ll need them to notify the moving company and utility company to receive mail after the relocation.  It’ll help to have them written down and close at hand.

4.  Cleaning

Arrange to have professional cleaners come after the movers have finished.  A quality moving company will be able to help you contact a legitimate cleaning service provider  If you’ll be cleaning your old home yourself, be sure to leave out everything you’ll need to get your home place in order.

5.  Garage Door Opener

An automatic garage door opener from your old house won’t work at your new one after you move.  Be sure to leave it behind for the new homeowners.

6.  Keys

Collect spare house keys from family and friends, and leave them behind for the new homeowners.

7.  Items in Storage

If your relocation will take you far away, remember to clear out any storage units or safety deposit boxes you have.

-Lance Grooms