Japanese-American Families Leave Reeling Country

Japanese-American Families Leave Reeling Country

Many Japanese-American families are having to relocate following the recent earthquake disasterBelieve it or not, there are many Japanese-American families living and working throughout Japan.  Some have moved to the country for work while others relocated to the island nation to be with family.  Either way, many of them have been hit hard by the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.  While many have decided to stay in Japan, even now, two weeks after the events, some have made the tough decision to leave.

This is particularly true for the McKible family.  They have been living in Japan for the last six years – the family settled in Chigasaki, about 170 miles away from the Fukushima nuclear plant.   Josh McKible and his wife Miyuki will be moving back to New York this week but hope to be able to return one day.  The relocation is going to be hard on the whole family.

Why is the family moving away from Japan?  Like so many others, they are worried about the safety and well-being of their children.  The McKible family consists of parents and two kids.  Because they have the option to move to New York and escape any possible further danger, they are taking advantage of it.  The family will be carefully watching what impact everything will have and if they can move back one day.

While the McKible family is just one of many, who knows what the future will bring for other families living in Japan?  Many families are trying to relocate while others are left homeless from the destruction.

Jon Huser