Jennifer Garner’s Old House Up For Grabs

Jennifer Garner’s Old House Up For Grabs

Back in the days before America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Garner, married Ben Affleck, she lived in a lovely little home with Scott Foley, her first husband.  Of course that marriage didn’t work out and the couple moved out of the house.

Though the couple sold the home shortly after the divorce, the house is now on the market once again.  The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom California home is looking for new owners that can drop a mere $3 million for the house.  Are any of our readers moving to California in the near future?

The house is tucked away, behind a gate and plenty of shrubs – perfect for avoiding the paparazzi.  Perhaps the next people to move in will be stars, especially given the highly private nature of the house.  Originally built in 1950, the house has a huge driveway that curves its way up to the built-in garage suitable for two cars.  Low-key and quaint for southern California, the well-manicured yard features a lovely stone walkway to the front door.

We are not sure if the house has any other amenities, but we are assuming so.  With the sense of style that Jennifer Garner has, it has to be as stylish and understated as she is!  Anyone wanting to move into a star’s former home can do so by picking up this cute little house – perfect for hiding from the paparazzi or raising a family!

-Katie Steil