Johnny Depp’s relationship over

Johnny Depp’s relationship over

For 14 years Johnny Depp has been in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis.  The two have been living in France, with Depp constantly moving around filming at various sets.  Vanessa Paradis is also an actress, but perhaps not as big in the US as in France.

The couple have had a quiet family life, from what the media and fans have seen.  In the last 14 years they have had two children together; however, it seems that the relationship has come to an end.  Depp’s publicist stated that the two have ended their life together amicably with a separation.

Both are very respectful of their children and have asked for the media to be the same.  It is not a surprise to most people that the couple have split up, since reports in January indicated that there were problems within the relationship.  It was obvious then that the two were leading separate lives, given that both did not appear together publicly for more than a year.  The splitting couple did admit that they attempted to stay together for their children, but things did not work out.  It is now in their children’s best interest to split.

Vanessa is in France promoting a film while Depp is supposedly in Los Angeles, which is where he has been since the problems in January.  Depp was fairly successful with Dark Shadows and it seems that there have been dark shadows over his own life recently, given the end of his long-term relationship.

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