Katrina still affecting residents

Katrina still affecting residents

Katrina was one of the worst hurricanes to hit North American shores.  In 2005, when the hurricane hit the shore bringing with it huge waves of water, many homes were destroyed.  It was so horrible that many of the families had to relocate to Texas and other states that could take emergency evacuees.  Some of the residents have moved permanently due to the loss of their homes, while others have moved back.

It has come to light this week that some New Orleans police are going to face life sentences for deaths that happened during Katrina.  A few police officers have been brought to court for violating the civil rights of two individuals killed a week after Hurricane Katrina hit the shore.

Four officers may be given life sentences for the issue, while a fifth may die in prison with a 120-year sentence for covering up the crimes that occurred.  Many witnesses, victims and relatives have been in court with regards to this matter.

The shootings by the police officers that occurred were covered up as justified, but evidence in the courts is showing that the shootings were not justified.  Instead it looks like an abuse of power and that these five officers violated that public trust.

At a time when many were losing their homes or finding their homes a total loss, such issues occurred.  The courts are definitely taking the information and evidence seriously to consider what should happen to these five officers.

There were many other issues with the hurricane, such as the response time it took for help to reach those still in New Orleans.  There were several families that were unable to get out before the hurricane, whether it was because they chose to ride out the storm or did not have the funds to relocate.

The fact is that even seven years later there are still after effects of such a storm.  The hope is that if there is another hurricane like it, other families will not have to suffer the same types of moves that they experienced in New Orleans and other towns affected by Katrina.

Japan is aware of what a tsunami can do and that the after effects can last for several years.  Last year’s disaster may be fresher in our minds and the fact that many are still out of their home area because of a need to relocate from dangers is no surprise.  It takes many years for a natural disaster recovery to actually be completed, especially when it is one that is so detrimental to so many.  Numerous lives were lost both with Katrina and the Japan disaster; it is no wonder we are hearing about issues even now.

It certainly gives individuals food for thought about moving to a coastal area where hurricanes occur or to places that may not have the best construction for such disasters.  In the last few weeks, fires, tornadoes and other natural occurrences have affected the US, and the world, with families who will be relocating.

Jon Huser