Keegan and Vincent to share flat

Keegan and Vincent to share flat

Coronation Street stars Brooke Vincent and Michelle Keegan are to become flat mates in real life, it has been revealed.  The actresses, who play teenage lesbian Sophie Webster and barmaid Tina McIntyre in the long running British soap opera institution, revealed that they are intending to move in together on a local Manchester radio station, according to UK tabloid newspaper The Sun.

25-year-old Keegan, who recently ended a relationship with The Wanted singer Max George, rang the radio station in order to put a stop to rumors that she was now involved with actor Mark Wright, the former star of The Only Way Is Essex.  Claims that she had been spotted close to her Irlam flat in Greater Manchester with the Take Me Out: The Gossip host saw the popular young actress call in to deny the rumors.

“I am ringing because this rumor is wrong,” Keegan told listeners.  “Everyone knows everyone in Irlam and I never went into Tesco or the butty shop with Mark, and he’s never been in my car.  I want to stop this before it goes any further.”

Keegan then revealed that her 20-year-old co-star Brooke Vincent was with her and had been staying the night in her flat.  The giggling girls then revealed that they were intending to move in together before ringing off, although whether they were serious or just having a little fun with the radio station remains to be seen.