Keep Bad Neighbors From Hurting Your Sale

Keep Bad Neighbors From Hurting Your Sale

It can be hard enough selling your house, but what happens if you have bad neighbors that can make it even more difficult? Bad neighbors can actually hurt the sale of your home and prevent you from moving out on your preferred schedule. So, what do you do?

When buyers come looking at your home they aren’t just looking at your house, they are also looking at your neighborhood and the people in it. A house alone won’t make someone want to move into a house, but the whole package. So, if you have a family with teenagers down the street always rocking out or people with a couch in their front yard, people may not necessarily want to move in.

Bad neighbors come in all varieties. Some may not keep up their landscaping. Some may not take care of their home’s exterior. Others may just be rude and obnoxious. Here are the five most common problems that neighbors can have and how to deal with them.

1 – The Foreclosure

When a house falls into foreclosure, it is often pretty obvious. These homes are owned by the banks and not kept up so well. The lawn may go un-mowed and there may be an excessive amount of trash. Sometimes the windows are even smashed.

So, if you have a foreclosure next door and want to sell your home, call the bank. Ask them to protect the property. You may also ask them to maintain the yard to a minimum so that people might actually want to move into the neighborhood. You can also call the local municipality. What you can’t do is clean it up yourself.

2 – The Junk Collector

No matter what neighborhood you live in, there is always the chance you might have a junk collector on your hands. This neighbor definitely messes with the aesthetic of your neighborhood and the opinion outsiders have when they consider moving in. Perhaps you live next door to a hoarder.

It is in your best interest to have that neighbor’s yard cleaned up, so why not offer to pay for it? Be direct, be honest, be respectful, and be generous. Perhaps your neighbor’s fence needs a coat of paint – the same principles apply.

3 – The Abandoned Car

Unfortunately, getting an abandoned car removed from a yard or street can be a lot harder than simply cleaning up a front yard.  First of all, you need to establish that the car is, in fact, abandoned. If a neighbor owns the car, the first thing you can do is knock on their door and ask them to put it in the garage. If you are desperate to move and sell your home, offer to pay for a garage rental.

4 – Noisy Neighbors

Most people aren’t even aware that they are being annoying. This is usually true about those loud, pesky neighbors. If they play loud music at 2.30am, or sit on the front stoop talking at all hours, they may not even know they are being a bother. So, go ahead and speak to them. Just remember to approach the situation with kindness and respect.

Lance Grooms