Keep staff in the loop when moving office

Keep staff in the loop when moving office

Although the idea may escape some managers, best practice suggests that businesses should keep their employees in the loop throughout the relocation process.  This means keeping the staff informed and listening to their concerns before, during and after the move.

Why should managers and business owners pay attention to the staff during office relocation?  Simply, the staff are at the heart of the business.  Moving office has the potential to affect the working schedule of the staff, their daily lives and the productivity of the business overall.

Moving is often an exciting time for a business – it usually means that the company is growing and things are changing; however, not everyone welcomes change.  Some embrace it while others see change in the workplace as an unsettling stressor.  Employees may be concerned about cuts in pay, redundancy in management, and even their personal situations.  The staff might have concerns about their new daily commute, childcare, and other situations.

Management needs to be sure that the Human Resources department keeps everyone updated and that there is ample opportunity for staff to share their concerns surrounding the relocation.  Employers must also check for any contractual obligations – if there is an existing mobility clause within any contracts, it may prevent the company from relocating.

One way to ensure the success of the move is to keep the staff not only informed but also involved.  This will boost morale, which is always a good thing in the business world.  The staff may have some great ideas for the office design or some suggestions on how to reintroduce certain elements to the new office.

Jon Huser