Keith Urban Includes Family in Tour Planning

Keith Urban Includes Family in Tour Planning

Imagine the life of Keith Urban – married to the fabulous Nicole Kidman, father of a couple of kids.  He also happens to be a very talented and popular recording artist.  Though it may seem like his life is ideal, one thing that comes with it is a lot of moving around in the form of touring.

This year, Urban is going on tour yet again.  The “2011 Get Closer Tour” is set to make many thousands of Keith Urban fans happy, but it is also set to make his family happy.  When planning the tour, Urban made sure to include his family.  So that means that while he moves to temporary homes on the road, the girls in his family might be with him.

When we say “girls” we mean his two daughters and that lovely wife, Ms. Kidman. The way it will work is that he will be out on tour for only several days at a time.  That way, he gets to go home a lot more frequently and be with the family.  How many music stars can say the same?  Many musicians, while on tour, feel like they’ve moved into hotels and tour buses.

That’s not what Urban wants to feel like.

The tour kicked off this week – June 16th to be exact.  Urban will make a tour stop in Las Vegas during the SHRM 2011 Conference and Expo.  The plan is to move around the country for a couple of days at a time.  Then, when the tour moves to Canada, Urban will have all the girls with him for a few weeks.

Lance Grooms