Kensington a Great Place to Live with Kids in Connecticut

Kensington a Great Place to Live with Kids in Connecticut

Just close enough to Hartford to be an easy commute for work but just far enough away from everything else to have that small town charm, Kensington, Connecticut is a great place to move if you are raising a family.

With a population of 8,479 Kensington is a community of family-oriented people that don’t want to give up the amenities of a big city just to raise a family comfortably.  The town is 14 miles south of Hartford, but is still within commuting distance of midtown Manhattan (via Amtrak to Penn Station).

Moving to Kensington will allow your kids access to some really great schools.  The Berlin School District has one middle school, one high school, and two elementary schools.  There are also private schools if you prefer.

Many families move to Connecticut from New York City when the kids start to grow up and Mom and Dad want a more serene environment.  Connecticut can provide that, especially in Kensington.  Plenty of parks, community centers, and other activities will make themselves apparent once you get settled.

So, if you are moving to Connecticut, or already live in the state but want to find a more suitable city for your kids, consider adding Kensington to your short list.  While it may not meet the needs of every family, it may certainly be a contender!

Lance Grooms