Kensington cadets to move following sale of landmark

Kensington cadets to move following sale of landmark

The landmark Government of Canada building in Kensington has been sold, which is a decision that will force the displacement of the army cadet corps in the town.  Wes Sheridan, the PEI Finance Minister, confirmed the sale of the historic building by the federal government yesterday, which houses a group of 25 army cadets as well as the local post office.

As a result, the corps is to now spread the great majority of its activities between existing air and sea facilities located at Kensington Legion and Slemon Park, whilst still keeping storage space in the Government of Canada building’s basement.

The Kensington cadets knew that the relocation was going to happen sooner later because of federal downsizing, says Canada’s PEI branch president of the Army Cadet League, Jim Spears.  “This is the third time that they’ve tried to evict us from that building, and the previous two times we were able to elicit the support of both the local community, the local MP Wayne Easter, and Wes Sheridan and the premier to turn it around,” Spears notes.  “This time they just came out and said: ‘It’s sold, you’re out of there’.  We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when.”

Sheridan says he has no interest in commenting on the future of the building, having been more concerned with finding a new home for the cadets to move to, and commenting that they will ultimately have more space anyway at their new locations.