Kids Activities On the Road or in the Air

Kids Activities On the Road or in the Air

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are; if you are moving you have got to keep them busy!  This is especially true if you going through a long-distance move.  How do you keep the kids occupied while en-route to the new house?  What if you have to get on a plane or a very long car ride?

Here are some kids’ activities that will keep your little ones as busy as possible while on the road – or in the air!  Remember, keeping the kids occupied during the travel segment of your relocation is essential – to your sanity.  Check out these ideas:

  • Make up a survival kit of sorts.  Put snacks, CDs, DVDs, books, and other small items to keep the kids busy in the backseat.
  • Get the kids a camera.  If you are traveling across the country for your relocation, why not get them a small digital camera to take photos of the trek.  Take a family photo in all the best spots!
  • Play driving games.  Remember when you moved with your family as a kid?  Play those games in the car with your kids!
  • Get your children a special surprise for the trip.  Before you move, reward the kids with a couple of small, special gifts.
  • Bring a baking sheet and a couple of toy cars.  Believe it or not, this will keep them busy for hours.

Remember, whether you are flying to your new home or driving, the kids must be occupied!  Hopefully these ideas will help you get through the relocation with your sanity and happy kids.

– Jon Huser