Kids’ friendships affected by military moves

Kids’ friendships affected by military moves

Growing up on military bases located all over the world can be a lot of fun, and is often a great experience for the young; however, one of the downsides of this, as anyone who ever had to move when they were young will remember, is the torment of having to leave behind all of their friends.  It is a fact of life in the military and something that people have to get used to, and children or teenagers whose parents are in the military can expect relocation every couple of years.

When this happens, they will be leaving behind all of their friends.  This can be very difficult and what is worse is that they will have to do it all over again in another couple of years, and then again.  This often changes the way in which young people make friends, giving them the ability to make friends much more quickly.

Many young people in this situation do not get too attached to people, as they knew that they will only end up having to leave them again before too long.  It is important for them to just enjoy living in the moment, not to be afraid of the future, and to rely on themselves rather than their friends for happiness.

The advent of the internet has, of course, made keeping in touch with friends a lot easier than was previously the case.  Many young people from military families have it a lot easier in this respect than many of their predecessors did in years past.

Rick Wozniak