Kids in Texas Return to School After Wildfire

Kids in Texas Return to School After Wildfire

Last week, kids in Texas returned to school not long after they had to relocate unexpectedly due to one of the largest wildfires in the state’s history. Hundreds of families were left homeless after the fire swept through the Lone Star State. In fact, some families didn’t even have much more than the clothes on their back.

The fire, fueled by strong winds from Tropical Storm Lee, destroyed 1,550 homes and burned through over 34,000 acres. Power and water have been cut off in some areas and firefighters are actually still trying to contain some parts of that same fire with hundreds more families moving away from the area, fearing the worst.

When school started on Monday, September 12, buses stopped at local hotels, where many families have had to move temporarily. Most hotels in the area are booked to capacity with families who have been displaced by the fire.

The school district started the school day off on the right foot, however. Knowing that many families have had to move from their homes and have no access to kitchens, the district provided breakfast and lunch for all students.

However, the first day of school showed the community just how resilient people really are. Despite having to relocate due to the fire, only 24 of the area’s 435 kindergarten students weren’t in class the first day. Those 24 students include kids that have been left homeless, forced to move in with friends or family, and those that fell ill from smoke inhalation.

Jon Huser.