Level Luxury Real Estate moves to downtown Boca Raton

Level Luxury Real Estate moves to downtown Boca Raton

Level Luxury Real Estate is set to move up in Boca Raton in order to serve its luxury-focused clients better.

The firm will move its company headquarters to 304 Esplanade in Royal Palm Place, which is situated in the historic downtown of Boca Raton, from its existing site at Technology Way in Central Boca Raton.   The relocation to the state-of-the-art facilities was initiated by owner Todd Siegel in order for the company to be able to better serve its clients in South Florida.

Once Level Luxury Real Estate begins to settle into its new home, its main goal will be the marketing of its luxury real estate services for a flat fee.   High-end sellers who use Level Luxury Real Estate get the advantage of being listed on MLS while maintaining the massively reduced costs of owner selling.   Level Luxury Real Estate offers flexible plans that can be cancelled at any time with no charges, should the seller decide to list with a traditional realtor instead.   The seller is the one who is always in control at Level Luxury Real Estate.

Sellers are able to choose from the option of three different plans, each of which is able to provide the seller with the kind of exposure that is necessary to reach out to potential buyers via the use of multiple distribution channels, including listings on MLS and in local listings on sites such as Google.