Lily Allen to grace the stage once more

Lily Allen to grace the stage once more

Lily Allen has promised to end her retirement.  She tweeted that she is back in the studio, and she also revealed that this is because of a new song from Kate Nash.

Ms Allen is best known for her song Smile.  She decided to come out of retirement for the song, and also perhaps because her fans complained that there was nothing new from her recently.  In her Twitter post, she mentioned that she is just trying things out.  There may be nothing to it other than the new song from Kate Nash.  She just wants to see what comes out and if anything sticks.  The good news for fans is that she is getting back into it.  Her last record was in one of the farthest spots from the top of the Billboards, which may have also instigated her retirement.

As we all know, many artists tend to retire only to come back again for more music.  If there are enough new songs she might decide to tour and thus grace the stage again.  If not, she might just stop at a new single and let it go until something else new inspires her.

Ms Allen has been retired from singing, but not from other things in her life.  She opened a fashion shop with her sister in 2011.  She also started her own record label.  She signed the Cults, who are a Brooklyn act that might become a group to pay attention to.

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