Littleton One of Colorado’s Best Places to Raise the Kids

Littleton One of Colorado’s Best Places to Raise the Kids

Ever heard of Littleton, Colorado?  If you haven’t, you will be surprised to know that this city, just 10 miles away from Denver, may be one of the best places to move if you want to raise a healthy, happy family.  In fact, one of the main draws of Littleton is actually the school system.

Earlier this year, Littleton, Colorado was recognized for having one of the best school systems in the country.  This little bit of information may have inspired some parents from all over the state to consider relocating to Littleton.  As a parent, you know that a good school system plays an integral role in successful kids.

In addition to a great school system, residents of Littleton have access to public transportation throughout their town and also for the commute into Denver.  So, if you move to Littleton, you don’t necessarily need to drive to Denver everyday for work.

Currently, more than 42,000 people call Littleton home.  The town has a charming historic district, plenty of museums, and one of the largest suburban parks in the region, South Platte Park.  The impressive park has 659 acres and is a great place for family picnics and relaxing days outside.

If you are considering a move to Littleton, you should also know that real estate remains very reasonably priced when compared to other parts of the county and the spacious living conditions are also a positive reason to consider Littleton.

Lance Grooms