Live in South Fulton? Don’t Skip the Annual Fire Department Fee

Live in South Fulton? Don’t Skip the Annual Fire Department Fee

Whether you move into your own home or are renting an apartment, one thing is for certain – extra expenses. One of these extra expenses comes in the form of the annual Fire Department subscription fee in South Fulton, Tennessee.

The town of South Fulton is a pretty rural town, so if you move there get ready for some interesting rules. If you happen to move to an outlying neighborhood, you will be required to pay a $75 annual fee in order to get the fire department to service your area. What happens if you don’t?

Well, unfortunately, your house can burn down as the firefighters hang back and just watch. And there’s nothing you can do.

This is what one South Fulton family learned earlier this month – the hard way. Homeowner Vicky Bell’s mobile home caught fire and she called the local fire department. They arrived, but didn’t do a thing to put out the flames engulfing her home because she hadn’t paid the $75. The firefighters did work to protect Bell’s neighbor, who did pay the annual fee.

In the meantime, Bell and her family must relocate since the mobile home burned.

The ‘pay for spray’ policy has caught the media’s attention a couple of times in the last year or so. Another mobile home owner called the fire department only to be denied assistance because he also failed to pay the annual fee. This policy has attracted quite a bit of controversy, as you can imagine.

So, we’re curious. Would you move to a town or city that employs a similar ‘pay for spray’ policy? What do you think?

Lance Grooms