Loading the Moving Truck

Loading the Moving Truck

Now that you’re finally moving to a new house or office, it’s time to pack everything up and load the moving van.  It’s never a good idea to just start throwing things into the back of the truck.  A successful move requires lots of planning – even right down to how the moving truck is to be loaded.

Before moving day, but after everything is packed up, do a walk-through of your home or office.  While doing this, make notes on what items should be loaded and in what order.  Smaller sized boxes should be grouped together – just remember to clearly label them so you know which rooms they are for when you arrive.

Here are some simple tips to make loading the truck a bit easier and a lot more organized on moving day:

  • Load the largest and heaviest items first.  This includes major appliances, large furniture, and other awkward objects.  Basically, if it takes two people to move it, it goes in first.  Cover everything with moving blankets or padding.
  • Next, put in the longer items such as mattresses, long mirrors, sofas, and headboards.  If you can disassemble desks and tables, the tops go in now.  Line the walls of the moving truck with these items to leave more space on the floor.
  • Take any bed frames apart and tape the parts together.  Do this for any long, awkward item.  If you’ve got carpets and rugs to move, roll these items up inside!
  • Once you’ve put all the large, awkward stuff in, it’s time for those large heavy boxes.  Place them on top of the appliances and fill any spaces under tables.
  • Lighter, smaller boxes should go on top of the heavier stuff.
  • Put the fragile stuff on top of everything else, but do secure them so they don’t move around on the way to the new house!

Lance Grooms